Easter: A time for updates

Happy Easter to all our followers. We hope you had a good holiday weekend and are all settling back into normal routine again.

We haven't blogged in a little while and have made the decision after some feedback that blogs will go back to being monthly rather than weekly to ensure that we can get all our necessary information all in one place.

Some eagle eyed followers may have noticed that we have made some changes and additions in recent weeks.

Our website was recently updated with a fresher more easy to follow look. This is a result of the new courses that we can offer workplaces and the general public. We are now offering a greater variety of First Aid courses, and we are now offering courses in Food Safety, Good Nutrition and Health and Safety including Fire Safety and Manual Handling.

We are also now on "Holonis," a new social media platform so if you are also subscribed then please follow us and share our posts.

We will be blogging our monthly outgoings at the end of each month, so stay tuned and we wish everyone the best for the rest of April.

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