Snow chance of stopping us

After a week where snow dominated the headlines, the weather was not enough to stop us from delivering courses over the last couple of weeks. We missed our blog last week, so this one has information from the past two weeks.

On Tuesday 13th I delivered Lifeguard Competency Training at Swanbourne House School. With the staff returning from half term, it was important to ensure the training went right.

On 14th and 15th, I delivered an Emergency Response Course at The Royal Berkshire David Lloyd Club.I had 7 candidates in total; 1 from The Royal Berkshire, 2 from Southampton West End David Lloyd, and 4 from the Newbury David Lloyd, a club I had not visited before. There were a variety of job roles on the course, and the benefit of running a course for David Lloyd staff at a David Lloyd site is the policies are in place and can be seen in action. Although I had not visited the Newbury club before, the staff there were able to give me an insight, and we were able to discuss scenarios and create plans to deal with certain incidents. Needless to say, all the candidates passed the course showing fantastic ability and knowledge. I wish them all well in whatever job role they are in.

On the evening of the 15, I then delivered Lifeguard Competency Training at The Royal Berkshire Club. Unfortunately there was no challenge this month. We derive challenges based on the session plans received from the Royal Life Saving Society. There was nothing on the session plan that we felt could be turned into a safe competition.

On Sunday 18th, I was asked to deliver a practical day Paediatric First Aid course on behalf of Tigerlily Training. The snow had fallen heavily the night before but that didn't stop 10 candidates from getting to the Holiday Inn in Guildford. Candidates from different backgrounds and careers turned up with different levels of experience. There was a lot of fun to be had, but also a lot of information learnt as a lot has changed since most had done their last first aid course. After successfully passing the practical day, the e-learning is next for the candidates and I know they will do fine to gain their full qualification.

On Monday 19th, I delivered Lifeguard Competency Training at David Lloyd Peterborough and I had a couple of Emergency Response qualified staff join us. Emergency Responders are only recommended to attend training, they are not required to, however it is best practice to ensure competence. One of the staff members fed back saying that they now understood how important it was because the information taken in on the course is so vast, making it easy to forget. If I can make more people understand this fact, then the better I will feel as a trainer that the club understands the importance of lifesaving.

On Wednesday 21st, I delivered Lifeguard Competency Training at David Lloyd Poole. Although there was no competition this month, one of the lifeguards won last month's competition. Tom Perry won last months rescue relay by 1 second, but 1 second can make all the difference in a rescue scenario. Congratulations Tom, hope you enjoy your prize.

On Thursday 22nd, I delivered Lifeguard Competency Training at David Lloyd Southampton West End. With 2 sessions on the day, 1 in the morning, 1 in the evening the club ensures the best chance of attendance by its staff which is important.

On Friday 23rd, I delivered Lifeguard Competency Training at The Royal Berkshire Club. With this their second and final session of the month, this was the last chance for attendance, and they didn't disappoint as we practised their skills in CPR, Spinal Management, Unconscious Casualty management, electrical burns and Fracture & Dislocations.

So, busy 2 weeks here at Sweet Training. This week coming up, we are delivering an Emergency First Aid course for the National Rifle Association, and I am on a Management of Catastrophic Bleeding Course, all before Easter. We hope you have had a good week, and hope that you stay safe.

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