Emergency Response: Key skills to assist and save lives

Lifeguards are an integral part of keeping swimmers in swimming pools safe. Lifeguards are there to help prevent people from drowning and getting into difficulty, but unfortunately it's not always possible all of the time. There are even some pools which don't require or don't have lifeguards, so what happens when swimmers get into difficulty. The RLSS UK Emergency Response Qualification is designed to provide other members of staff such as Receptionists, Gym Staff and Food and Beverage staff to gain skills to provide initial care and treatment for people in difficulty and to assist or take charge of rescue situations.

On Monday 12th, I drove down to David Lloyd Poole to start my first Emergency Response course of the week. I had 6 candidates on the course, two gym staff, three food and beverage staff and the sales manager. The Emergency Response Course is a two day course and focuses not only on pool based rescues but also on Basic Life Support (BLS) including Basic First Aid and CPR. Some of the candidates had previous experience on First Aid Courses, but no-one had previously done anything based around a swimming pool. There are key differences on treatment for casualties on the poolside compared to off of it and this was important for the candidates as they really took on board the potential dangers of swimming if things do go wrong. Baring in mind the swimming area at David Lloyd Poole has a twenty five metre long pool with a 1.5m deep end and a sauna and steam area on the poolside, there are lots of safety measures in place and it is up to staff to ensure these safety measures are kept. I like to keep my candidates engaged so I did a lot of interactive learning and got the candidates to complete a lot of tasks outside of the classroom and on the poolside even when we aren't in the water itself. This was designed to help the candidates have a better understanding and it was evident that it worked as when it came down to assessing skills and knowledge all the candidates appeared to take it on board and were able to complete all assessment criteria with good knowledge and understanding. I am delighted to say that they all passed on the Tuesday and were ready for their inductions into their clubs Pool Safety Operating Procedures.

On Thursday 15th, after having a day to recharge the batteries, I was on my way to David Lloyd Peterborough to deliver another Emergency Response Course. This time it was for their new Fitness Manager and 3 of the Fitness Coaches. Similar to previous candidates, they had previously had some BLS and First Aid knowledge, but had never had any experience on working with or in swimming pools. David Lloyd Peterborough has a very similar swimming area to Poole with the sauna and steam room on poolside and a 1.5m deep end. I feel it is very important that staff who take part in these types of courses are aware of their pools and their layout, the pools dimensions and by their own admittance, although those staff members had been their at most 5 months, none of the staff had been to the poolside before so this was crucial to make them aware of what they could do to support from the gym. Despite not having been in the pool before, all the candidates seemed to adapt well and picked up the skills very quickly and when it came down to assessment criteria, they excelled in what they needed to do and everything was done to the best of their ability and they showed competence and more in demonstrating the skills provided. Everyone successfully passed on the Friday and I am pleased for all the staff even though I hope they never have to use the skills they have learnt.

So ends another week, but another load of candidates trained in skills with the potential to save life in different departments and areas of work. Next week is another busy week, and we will keep you updated with what we're up to.

Would you personally or your company benefit from learning First Aid? Whether it be based around a swimming pool, an office, a school or outdoor activities, Sweet Training has a course which could keep you, your co-workers and your loved ones safe. If you do want to learn skills to save lives, please feel free to contact us at enquiries@sweet-training.co.uk or visit www.sweet-training.co.uk and click on the contact us tab. Alternatively, you can call us directly on 07917731280.

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