Everyone can learn First Aid

Another week gone, and this week, Sweet Training has trained 35 people in First Aid this week. A variety of people in a variety of workplaces have taken part in First Aid training this week. The more people that we can train and make aware of the importance of First Aid training, the safer all workplaces in the UK will be.

On Monday 5th, I started the week in Peterborough delivering a three day First Aid at Work Course for David Lloyd Peterborough. Four members of staff were asked to attend by the club. Steve from Maintenance, Danny the Sales Manager, Katie the Family Manager, and Chrissy the Health and Beauty Manager. Four staff members in different departments all needed by the club for First Aid. All the candidates had some sort of experience with First Aid training before, but all were receptive in the changes that occur in First Aid since their last course. All of them were fantastic candidates and a great addition to the First Aiders at the David Lloyd Club.

On Wednesday 7th, before the final day of the First Aid at Work Course, I also delivered the monthly Lifeguard Competency Training. First on my agenda was to congratulate Peterborough's winner of the CPR challenge from January. Nicola the clubs Membership Experience Manager scored 96% effective CPR in January, and for her "Quality" CPR she was rewarded with some "Quality" Streets (see what I did there). 9 Lifeguards attended the training, including a few emergency responders attending for their own competence, where we went over AED training, choking, risk assessments, uses of a torpedo buoy and scenario training. In addition, they were the first club to be introduced to the February Challenge. "Torpedo Buoy Rescue Relay." 4 rescues, all using the torpedo buoy, to be completed in the quickest time, without compromising the rescues. Any compromising of the rescues induced a 5 second penalty. After all 9 Lifeguards had completed the rescues, the leader board was topped by Dom with 59 seconds. Tough one to beat, but will he stay there for the rest of the month.

On Thursday 8th, I had been asked to deliver an Emergency First Aid at Work Course for Charters School in Sunningdale just outside of Ascot. Charters is a Secondary School which takes pupils from 11 to sixth form and offers many different curriculum. I had 8 candidates taking part on the course. Most were working in the admin areas of different departments whether that be reception or finance. Most had previously completed a First Aid Course, but a couple were doing First Aid for the first time. Emergency First Aid at Work is a one day course and although it provides a lot of important information, I feel that the course has to be engaging to ensure candidates can retain the information given to them. Needless to say, with the standard practical elements of CPR and Bandaging, I brought interactive videos, and got the candidates to complete risk assessments to maintain engagement. The candidates found all of these very interesting and it kept them engaged throughout the course. All the candidates passed the course with flying colours, and although I hope they never have to use the skills they have learned at the school, I hope they found the course enjoyable and look forward to hopefully teach there again.

On Friday 9th, I delivered the first of two Lifeguard Competency Training Sessions at David Lloyd Royal Berkshire. Four Lifeguard attended and with the same learning criteria as Peterborough, excelled through the training and were excited to take part in the Torpedo Buoy Rescue Relay. Although all their times were good, nothing exceeded the 59 seconds from Dom at Peterborough so he still holds the top of the leader board.

On Saturday 10th, I delivered the practical element of a Blended Paediatric First Aid Course through Tigerlily training. I delivered this course at the Bright Horizons Nursery in Reading. I had 10 candidates, 7 from the Reading Nursery, 3 from the Thames Valley site in Thames Valley Business Park. The Practical day is exactly as it sounds, it is meant to assess practical elements of First Aid from the candidates, whilst the blended learning allows candidates to focus more on the theoretical side of First Aid or where practical elements are not as easily possible to demonstrate. Most of the candidates had previous First Aid experience, and with the help of some demonstrations from myself, others and videos, everyone managed to get through the practical elements brilliantly. I wish all the candidates the best of luck with the e-learning, and hope their practical skills don't have to be used on a regular basis if at all.

There it is, another busy week for Sweet Training has come and gone. Next week, we are delivering Emergency Response Courses in Poole and Peterborough for staff learning to deal not only with First Aid incidents, but also incidents in the swimming pool.

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