New Courses coming soon: Health and Safety in the Workplace

So another week passes and 2018 moves from January into February, and what a start to 2018 it has been. We at Sweet Training have been delighted with what we have been able to contribute so far. In January, we had the opportunity to provide courses and training at David Lloyd Health Clubs, Holiday Inn and Swambourne House School, and there is plenty more to come in February and beyond.

This week was different to the norm. I was taking part in a Level 3 Award in Health and Safety in the Workplace. This course was run by NUCO and was being run at Holiday Inn in Portsmouth. This was a fantastic opportunity as it would allow Sweet Training to offer a variety of courses in Fire Safety, Manual Handling and general Health and Safety in the Workplace. In addition, the qualification is the equivalent to the NEBOSH General Certificate, which many Health and Safety advisors must have to be able to consult and provide feedback and knowledge about Health and Safety in the Workplace.

The course was a 5 day long course which involved taking 4 exams. There were 6 other people on the course and all had different backgrounds and work history. Day 1 went through the standard introductions of each other and the course, and then we went head on into what Health and Safety meant and what laws and regulations defined Health and Safety in the UK. Day 2 went a little further in depth into the regulations and how they might affect our specific workplaces and other common workplaces where Health and Safety is vital and how we can provide a clearer insight into assisting companies ensure they comply with Health and Safety Laws and Regulations. We then were given a task to complete a Risk Assessment for the hotel we were doing the course and we had to go through the 5 steps of completing a risk assessment. Day 3 we started to follow up with our risk assessments and went through a 5 step process of Managing Health and Safety in the Workplace. We learned how governing bodies were designed to assist us but also what could potentially happen if things went wrong. The law affects every business in a variety of different ways and ensuring high levels of Health and Safety in the Workplace will assist the governing bodies and prevent them having to pay your business regular visits. We then took two exams, which I later found out I had scored 81% and 95% respectively and with the pass mark being 75% for both was pleased with levels of scores that I managed. On Day 4 we focused specifically on Fire Safety. Completing Fire Risk Assessments, how the local fire service can assist you, identifying Fire Extinguishers, classes of fires, and fire specific risk assessments. Fire Safety is vital in any business as incorrectly dealing with a fire could result in severe injury or worse. At the end of the day we took a Fire Safety multiple choice theory paper and happily scored 100%. On the fifth and final day, we covered Manual Handling Safety. Improper Manual Handling is the biggest cause of Workplace Injuries in the UK especially for Musculoskeletal disorders including bad backs. Safe manual handling is vital for employers and employees and correct and proper training can save valuable time and money for both parties. Again, a multiple choice theory paper had to be taken, and again, very delighted to say that I scored 100%.

Now that the week is complete and my results confirm, this is a step in a great direction for Sweet Training Ltd as we will now be able to offer you and your business the following qualifications:

Level 1 and Level 2 Health and Safety in the Workplace

Level 1 and Level 2 Fire Safety

Level 2 Fire Safety Awareness

Level 1 and Level 2 Manual Handling

If you would like to enquire about any of these courses, or any courses offered by Sweet Training, please e-mail, or visit the contact us part of our website.

First full week of February next week, and it's a busy one for Sweet Training. We hope that you had a good first month of the year and wish everyone the best for the second month.

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