First Aid is important at any workplace

So it's been another busy week for Sweet Training. We have delivered a variety of courses at a variety of locations for a different employment sectors. One of the things that we learnt this week is that First Aid is important no matter where you are and First Aid awareness is one of those things that many people do believe should be spread to everyone possible.

On Monday 22nd, Ben was at The Royal County of Berkshire Health and Racquets Club by David Lloyd in Bracknell. Having transferred from Virgin Active to David Lloyd in the last 12 months, one of the changes that was being made is the amount of staff who were required to by qualified in Emergency Response. Emergency Response is an Royal Life Saving Society (RLSS) qualification which combines aspects of First Aid and Pool Rescue so that they can assist Lifeguards and First Aid qualified staff with specific incidents. It is a 2 day course so candidates can learn how to deal with pool incidents including conscious and unconscious rescues and how to stabilise a spinal injury in the pool and help them out of the pool. They also get taught Basic Life Support (BLS) such as CPR for Adults, Children and Babies, dealing with bleeds, burns and choking casualties and managing medical conditions such as Heart Attacks, Seizures, and diabetic emergencies. There were 4 candidates on the course, and although the course can have 12 candidates, the 4 candidates made the course their own, got involved at every opportunity and it was a fun and interactive course. We are happy to say that everyone involved passed the course and we at Sweet Training wish all of the best in their futures.

On Wednesday 24th, Ben was back at The Royal Berkshire David Lloyd for their Lifeguard Competency Training. Topics such as Lifeguard Entries into the water, conscious casualty rescues, secondary survey, recovery position and lifeguard principles and responsibilities. However, this was also their final Competency Training session of the month and their last chance to leave a lasting impression on the CPR challenge that is being run during January across the David Lloyd Clubs. There were 4 candidates involved in the training, and one of those candidates now holds the joint lead. Callum at David Lloyd Southampton West End scored 99% effective CPR the previous week. Now he is joined by Andre from David Lloyd Royal Berkshire who also scored 99%. With only 2 sessions at different clubs still to go, will anyone be able to beat them?

On Thursday 25th, Ben was at David Lloyd Peterborough for their final Lifeguard Competency Training session of the month. Another chance for their staff to compete in the CPR challenge. There were 4 candidates in this session and although all their CPR was of a high quality, no-one could top the leader board of 99%, but congratulations to Nicola who is the clubs Member Experience Manager, who leads the Peterborough club with 96% effective CPR.

Finally, on Saturday 27th, Ben was delivering a Paediatric Practical Day at the Holiday Inn in Slough on behalf of Tigerliliy Training. This was the 3rd one Ben had done this month but the first done at Holiday Inn in Slough. There were 9 candidates, and all were from different working backgrounds. There were Nannies and Childminders, but there was also a Childcare student, an after school club leader, and a pre-school teacher. It was fantastic to see different working backgrounds attending First Aid, not necessarily because they have to for their employment, but because they want to further their knowledge as well. A lot of the candidates had done First Aid before but a couple had not, so it was nice to have different experience levels as well. In addition, a lot of the candidates had dealt with or seen their fair amount of First Aid as well. From friends or children with medical conditions such as epilepsy and diabetes, to dealing with children with severe burns and bleeds. Ben received great feedback from that day, which to some trainers makes the whole experience worth it. The practical day finished and all the candidates exceeded the criteria for the day with some amazing knowledge and good CPR and First Aid practical skills. The next step for the candidates is the e-learning through Tigerlily's website and we at Sweet Training wish the best of luck in their futures.

Feedback is so important for trainers. If you or your employees have attended a course run by Sweet Training, and you would like to leave some feedback. Please feel free to leave feedback on our Facebook page or on our website.

That's all for this week, lots of training completed this week for a variety of employees and employers. Next week, I am on a Health and Safety Course in Portsmouth which will allow Sweet Training to further their delivery options into the Health and Safety training and consultation. So less training next week compared to the rest of January, but as always, we wish all our candidates the best of fortunes, and although they are all competent to deal with a variety of scenarios, we hope they never have to use the skills they have learned.

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