Keeping everyone safe this January

3rd week into January and we at Sweet Training have been busy providing courses to help staff keep their customers safe in their workplace. It has been a busy week for Sweet Training and we have great fun educating staff from a variety of backgrounds and job roles on how to keep their customers and other staff safe in their working environments.

On Monday 15th, Ben was at David Lloyd Southampton West End delivering an RLSS Emergency Responder Course. An Emergency Responder is designed to assist First Aiders and Lifeguards for emergencies in our out of the swimming pool. CPR and Basic First Aid is included but pool rescues for unconscious casualties and casualties with spinal injuries is also included. There were 8 people who took part in the two day course and they were in roles varying from Personal Trainer, to Operations Manager, Gym Manager, and Kids Club staff. Getting as many staff as possible qualified helps provide the safest environments for customers using their sites. We hope they never have to use the skills they have gained with the qualification but we are pleased that so many staff now have the knowledge to deal with potential incidents.

On Wednesday 17th, Ben was at David Lloyd Poole delivering Lifeguard Competency sessions. Lifeguards require monthly updates as per HSG179 (Managing Health and Safety in Swimming Pools), and Poole have 2 sessions (early afternoon and evening) to ensure that all of their staff have the best chance of attending whether they are a full timer or a zero hour contract from college. Ben continued his competition of Quality CPR through the QCPR technology and we had new winners. 3 people from the Poole club managed to score 96% effective CPR knocking the staff member from David Lloyd Peterborough off the top spot with his 92%. Great effort from the 3 of them, but they would have had to learn to share, but it was topped the very next day!

On Thursday 18th, Ben was at David Lloyd Southampton West End delivering Lifeguard Competency Sessions. Having already spent Monday and Tuesday at the club, staff were already aware of the QCPR mankins and had heard about the challenge. Similar to the Poole Club, Southampton West End have 2 sessions to give their staff the best chance of attending training. In the afternoon session, the highest scorer got 93% which is very high but not enough to knock the 3 staff from Poole off the top spots. However, in the evening session, a member of staff from the club scored 99% on the QCPR. This matched Ben's effort for the month and puts him alone at the top of the CPR leader board. Although this competition is meant to be a bit of fun, it has highlighted to staff members how different people perform CPR differently even though they look identical.

On Friday 19th, Ben delivered Lifeguard Competency Training to some staff at the Royal Berkshire David Lloyd in Bracknell. The 3 member of staff who took part completed the monthly training which included pool rescues, timed swims, lifeguard entries, duties of lifeguards, how the law effects the lifeguards as well as the QCPR challenge. Although all the staff were in the 80%-90& effectiveness, they couldn't displace the staff member from the Southampton West End club with his 99%.

Finally, on Sunday 21st, Ben was back at the Holiday Inn in Guildford, delivering a Practical day for Tigerlily's blended Paediatric First Aid Course. This was another open course which meant it was open for anyone to book on. Similar to the course the week before, there were a lot of child minders and nannies who had done First Aid before, but there were also 2 mums who weren't their because of their work but were there because they wanted the knowledge to be able to deal with a First Aid incident should it arise in the home. I found this pleasantly reassuring that parents were out there who didn't think incidents would happen but wanted awareness and knowledge to deal with it. There were 10 candidates who took part in the course and all of them passed the practical day with ease. Now as with Tigerlily's schedule, they have the e-learning side of the course to complete, and I wish all the candidates the best of luck.

That's another week completed, and many people have been trained how to save a life. We at Sweet Training hope that no-one ever has to use the skills the learn, but hope they can take those skills to help make the environments around them safer, whether that be at the home or at the workplace.