Food Safety Level 2 and Good Nutrition

On Monday 23rd October, I went on a course through NUCO to become a Food Safety and Good Nutrition instructor. During the course, I took the Food Safety Level 3 qualification as well as the Level 2 Good Nutrition qualification.

I had previously completed a Level 2 course but this was a lot more informative. All the candidate and I learned a great deal about food preparation, storage and from a safety point of view what was expected of a Food and Beverage supplier from an Environmental Health point of view.

It was a very interesting course, where I picked up a lot of information. From a personal point of view, I was very happy with my exam results of 34/35 and 20/20 on my two test papers which resulted in a pass. This means that Sweet Training can now offer a Level 2 Award in Food Safety in Catering qualification and a Level 2 Good Nutrition qualification. As both of these courses will be offered through First Aid Awards, they are Ofqual regulated meaning that you can always guarantee quality and up to date information, and through Sweet Training you can always expect quality instructors and enjoyable and informative courses.

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