First Aid always changes

On Saturday 27th May, I delivered a Paediatric First Aid Course for Tigerlily Training at the Holiday Inn in Guildford. This was an open course, and a range of people attended. There were a few childminders and nannies, and also aspiring childcare staff who required the qualification to work. All but 2 of the 12 candidates had previously done First Aid in some way shape or form, but all of them left learning something new. The candidates didn't know that First Aid changes every couple of years, and things which they had been doing were now obsolete. This meant that although they had excellent underpinning knowledge, some of their techniques for practical First Aid had to change. This underlined an importance for regular refresher training, and all the candidates were very appreciative of this face and knowledge, and felt confident to take their new knowledge away with them whilst being more aware that changes can happen at any time.

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