Paediatric First Aid at School

On Monday 5th June, I went to Wildridings Primary School in Bracknell to deliver a Paediatric First Aid Course on behalf of First Response Training. Upon my arrival on the Monday, I found that teachers were doing a First Aid awareness course and I was delivering the Paediatric for the on-site Nursery. For a lot of the candidates, it was a refresher or they had done Emergency First Aid previously, but for some this was their first time doing First Aid. After introductions were made, it was great to see everyone get so involved. There is always a lot of practical work such as CPR, bandages, recovery position, but everyone got stuck in and we were able to have fun along the way which was nice.

I returned on Thursday 8th June for the second and final day of the course. I even managed to remember some names, which for me is miraculous. This day mainly focused on child specific medical conditions, but also had practical elements such as recapping CPR, slings and demonstrating use of asthma inhalers. With this course, there is a multiple choice question paper to assess knowledge, and I'm happy to say that the lowest scorers got 19/20. This is a fantastic result as there is a lot of knowledge to take in but this proves that they took it in and retained the knowledge given to them. I wish all of the candidates the best of luck, and hope the rest of their day went well as they were also a polling station for the general election.

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