Paediatric First Aid is useful for anyone involved with children

On Saturday 29th April, I was asked to deliver a Paediatric First Aid Course for Tigerlily Training at the Holiday Inn in Farnborough. I had 11 candidates overall. 3 nanny's, 3 childminders, 1 teaching assistant at a primary school, 1 primary school teacher, a nursery co-ordinator and 2 after school club leaders. For many on this course, it was a refresher of the qualification, which meant that a lot of them were previously qualified, however, there were a couple who were doing this for the first time. The range of knowledge and the difference of experiences was fascinating not only for the candidates but for myself as a trainer. Each of them had dealt with some form of First Aid, and to hear how each of their similar scenarios had very different outcomes proved the importance of First Aid and being able to deal with any scenario that comes their way. I certainly had a lot of fun teaching this session, and there was good banter and a lot of laughter so I am hopeful that the candidates enjoyed themselves as well as learnt some important life skills.

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