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Food Safety in Catering
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E-Learning Courses
E-Learning is a fantastic way for people to gain new skills from their comfort of their own environment.

Whether you are part of a business trying to reduce the amount of time staff are out of the office, or whether you are just trying to gain some new skills for your personal development, our range of e-leaning courses offers a variety of ways to gain new regulated and recognised qualifications.

Check out what we can offer you:

Achieve Food Hygiene Level 5
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Level 1 Food Safety in Catering
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Level 1 Food Safety in Retail
Level 1 Food Safety - Retail.png
Alcohol Personal Licence Holder
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Level 2 Food Safety in Catering
Level 2 Food Safety - Catering.png
Level 2 Food Safety in Retail
Level 2 Food Safety - Retail.png
Allergen Awareness
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Level 1 Food Safety in Manufacturing
Level 1 Food Safety - Manufacturing.png
Level 3 Supervising Food Safety
Supervising Food Safety - Level 3.png
Introduction to HACCP Level 2
Introduction to HACCP Level 2.png
Level 2 Food Safety in Manufacturing
Level 2 Food Safety - Manufacturing.png
Nutrition & Hydration
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